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3-Ply PPE Protective Surgical Medical Disposable Face Facial Mask

3-Ply Face Mask Protective Mask Surgical Face Mask Disposable Medical Mask with Earloop

Disposable non wonen Medical Mask is made of 3-layers,inside and outside layers are PP non
woven,middle layer is high standard 90 filter paper. With Ear-loop style.

Advantages of Face Mask
1.Directly manufacturer, disposable non woven 3 ply medical face mask ,any colors.
2.Capacity: 1000,000pcs/day, 1*40HQ can be finished within 5-7 working days;
3..Laxet free ,easy breath, eco friendly, OEM packing design, service in 24 hours.
4.Skin-friendly, Comfortable, High breathability, fiberglass free, latex free

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