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The federal health officials had been researching the effectiveness of the N95 face mask for the users. As we know, the face mask n95 has been one of the most popular models sold in the market.

The face mask n95 recommendation has been loosened for sensible reasons. Don’t fret yet. It is not because of the degrading function or issues around the product quality. But let’s know further about the mask’s initial function.


The N95, as the name suggests, filters out 95 percent of airborne particles. The manufacturers have been producing adequate amounts of products to the market to supply the users to fight corona. However, their chain of supply cannot meet the demands of the current users. The number of users overwhelm the real stocks ofthe face mask n95.  

As the results, the health authorities in many countries suggest that the looser fitting surgical masks are an acceptable alternative.

While wearing a face mask n95 can give you more protection from the outer elements, the use of surgical masks as the replacement can also be a great alternative. On the other side, the surgical masks will help you to limit the infectious particles, but not to eliminate them. Therefore, it is sensible to throw the surgical masks away after using it. You can follow the WHO protocols or the guidelines provided by your local health authorities.

The end-users will take the benefits from the face mask n95. but there are forceful recommendations from the health industry. These face mask n95 units are more needed for the workers who face in the front line to fight against coronavirus. And yes, what you’ve guessed was right. Doctors, nurses, and other health workers will really need the stocks of the face mask n95.

Many health experts around the world have suggested that they would focus on the highest level protection to prevent further covid-19 infection. But there is no reason to neglect the health care workers.

So, if you are an average buyer. You will need to follow the protocols given by our country’s health authority. Some areas have been locked down. Some adapt to “physical distancing”. Some areas, although not locked down, have been conducting “stay at home” campaigns. Unless you are not forced to go outside, you could stay at home. That will also decrease the necessity of using the face mask n95 or surgical masks. Let the front-line workers be prioritized.


Chances are nearby pharmacies also limit the number of masks you can purchase.

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