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All the health authorities suggest that surgical masks can be effective protectors for all folks. But to what extent? Do you need to wear it all the time, anywhere you are?

Here is the short answer: you must wear a surgical mask in crowded places.

And here is another proposition: wearing the surgical mask does not necessarily protect you 100% from covid-19.

It is necessary to wear a surgical mask in crowded places like airports, terminals, restaurants, department stores, etc.

Therefore, you won’t need to wear heavy-duty respirators. In most cases, these heavy-duty respirators are specifically for medical teams or hospital workers.

During the pandemic, the covid-19 is avoidable by simply conducting social distancing or physical distancing.

Back then, we were informed that ones who wear the surgical mask should be the ones who are sick or infected. But this recommendation has been misunderstood by many people. That does not mean that the average people can be away from the virus.

When you’re out home, you need to set your physical distance with other people for at least six feet or 1.8 meters. At this point, not having a mask would be fine although not entirely recommended by the health authorities.

But when you are in a crowded place, then it is more sensible to wear the surgical mask to protect your nose and mouth.

The arguments about wearing surgical masks in the public have been revolving around countries around the world. Many people raided the department store to stock their masks.

But the hoarding has delivered such bad impacts on the supplies chains. The health experts are against this hoarding. It is clearly said that a “surgical mask” is made for doctors and nurses. Therefore, these supplies are needed by them to take care of their patients in the hospitals.

Health care workers will need it more because they are working in the front line. After all, your local authorities must have announced the lockdown, “stay at home”, or any other protocol in your country. So, the best to avoid the virus is to stay at home.

But there’s a point that you need to run some errands outside your home. If that’s the case, wearing the surgical mask should be enough. Keep in mind that it is disposable. So, you will need to throw it away after using it. Some health experts suggest decontamination for reusing the mask in the future. Unless you are not forced to do it because of limited stocks, you shouldn’t do it and use your new surgical mask instead.

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