The protective mask has been a hot topic revolving around the internet lately because people are hoarding to get themselves protections from the covid-19. you have probably known the brutal truths about the disease. When we see the mapping of the disease, it is not good news.


Therefore, protecting yourself and your loved one with the protective mask is a sensible way to get away from the risks.

When it comes to the protective mask, there are two main types that you can get from the market: surgical mask,and N95 respirator.


Surgical masks are loose-fitting face masks that you can see commonly in the hospitals, department stores, pharmacies, etc. The initial purposes of these masks are to protect you from the sprays, splashes, and large-particle droplets. The surgical masks models can vary in design, size, and features. Ones which are good are those that can protect your nose and mouth. You can easily loop it behind your ears or tie it behind your head.


The other one is a N95 respirator. Folks also call it a N95 mask. It is a tight-fitting face mask and said to be more effective than the conventional surgical masks. But there’s still debates around this. The 95 mask or respirator can basically protect us from inhaling small particles which include bacteria and viruses.


The parts are more complex than the usual surgical mask. The elastic bands let you adjust to hold it firmly on your face. The exhalation valve is the important attachment. The filter is the key to make sure that you will inhale cleaner air all the time.


However, there’s a downside of this respirator. It is not one size that can fit all.


You must test it before using it. Before sealing, you will need to adjust it to your face. If it does not snug fit to your face, it won’t give you the best protection. If that’s the case, you will need to reset the settings of the respiratory.


When using N95, the users need to check the fit and adjust if there’s an issue about the sealing. It is also crucial to make it tight all the time. N95 is usually used by doctors and hospital staff. But the stocks are also in the public domain so that you can get it from the market. Keep in mind that N95 is also a disposable protective mask.

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